About Us


Chiqua Bous is a Cosmetics & Beauty Brand which came into fruition 14yrs after the owner Chiquita had a stroke due to a rare condition called Fibromuscular Dysplasia. At the time she was only 30 yrs old, in graduate school majoring in Social Work, and did not anticipate being an entrepreneur.If that wasn't enough, Chiquita felt she had a LOT to prove as she was also once a teen mom, having her 1st child at 16yrs old and a total of 3 sons by the age of 22.Nevertheless, Chiquita persevered and fought to overcome the statistics that attempted to isolate her in a box. Her future was bright and she focused on the Bigger Picture by being goal oriented, solution focused, giving back to others, and taking ACTION!!After graduating with her Master's Degree from Rutgers University and 14yrs post her stroke, Chiquita was coping with a "little" secret. She struggled with being coordinated and this was evidenced MOST when trying to apply stripped lashes. Chiquita could NOT get them on straight no matter WHAT she tried and the glue ended up EVERYWHERE. Extending her lashes individually also fell flat with itchy eyes, glue irritation, AND it was NOT cost effective.Chiquita knew there had to be a better, safer, and easier way to extend her lashes without the frustration of being coordinated, gluing her eyes shut, or breaking the bank! This is when Chiquita decided to launch Chiqua Bous, a magnetic eyelash and lip gloss line to help people like her, easily look beautiful in 60 seconds or less without the added struggle of putting glue on your lashes and they still end up crooked!Chiqua Bous continued to grow which resulted in Chiquita and her team expanding into the hair extension business.To date, Chiqua Bous represents one of the leading brands of magnetic eyelashes that are vegan, cruelty free, handmade and made of mink fur. Additionally, the Chiqua Bous Lip and Nzuri Hair Extension Lines are also top notch due to the products, quality, customer service and care.With the support of her husband of over 2.5 decades, and now 5 kingly sons, Chiquita and her team are committed to making the Chiqua Bous Brand, products, and it's customers satisfaction a TOP PRIORITY!Lastly, it's important for the customers to know that when they purchase from the Chiqua Bous brand, they are purchasing from a brand that cares about the products being sold, the customers shopping experience, the community, legacy and turning turbulence into Triumphs!!Thank You For Choosing Us!!